Important dates

Below are some important dates regarding your participation in Norrtälje Sommarcup:

May 1st:
Deadline for payment of the team registration fee.

June 1st:

Deadline for payment of the individual participation fees.

June 15th:

Groups will be published on the website.

June 22nd:
Game schedules will be published on the website.

Tournament rules will be emailed to participating teams 1 month before kickoff, at the latest.
All teams will be given a printed version of the rules upon their arrival to the tournament.

July 15th:
Deadline for registration of food allergies in the tournament's administration system.

Players should also be registered in the tournament's administration system by the responsible team leader by July 23rd.

July 30th:
The games will kick off on Friday in the early afternoon.

No reimbursement of team participation fee.
No reimbursement of the individual participation fee after July 1st.