Equally Different - the method  
There's no i in team. 

Is there anything that unites us, like football and association involvement?  
All the non-profit hours we spend on the community, commitment, and sport. Where will we see individuals who let go of prejudices and formats to do high five or lie in a heap hugging at the end of the game? Whether you are the active one, the coach who leads the team, the one who referees the game, the supporter in the stands, or the one cheering on your favorite team at home on the TV – In football, we meet each other in the feelings and the community.  

This is where it all begins. Despite all this joy, some players of all ages feel left out, overlooked, or less valuable as they do not perform according to a one-sided format. Trainers also experience a harsh tone, favoritism, or a club spirit that sounds good on a flyer, but doesn't correspond to reality. 

Life is not a one-man show. 
According to research, an individual's top 10 percent of performance corresponds to only one cohesive group's lowest 10 percent performance. We need each other to come  further and reach new goals. And we need each other to feel good.

That's why We Love Football collaborates with the lecturer and writer Mary Juusela and Equally Different, a social education company working with clubs both in Division 1 and in youth teams both in Sweden and Finland.

Mary Juusela is a nationally well-known lecturer in values, social behaviors, and self-leadership, both within association life, the corporate world, and above all, as the founder of Equallly Different, which works with 200 primary and secondary schools in Sweden, on Åland, and in Finland. 

Increased mental health, enjoyment of the game, and success! 
During your football cup, Mary will lecture and provide tools for coaches and leaders. 
Keep an eye on the program for more information about the time and place.

Equally Different also offers a highly appreciated and successful Trainer Program within social behaviors where 1-2 head coaches in your club learn the method of Equally Different and get knowledge, tools, and exercises to be used for training, during games, on the stands, and in dressing rooms.

The world champions recommend Equally Different 
After the work with the Trainer Program during the autumn season of 2022, the multiple World Champions in floorball, Finnish Club SC Classic, found the following effects in the club's teams for players 12-18 years: 
97% of the players stated that the team's well-being increased noticeably thanks to the practical exercises from Equally Different that their trainers used. 

47% of the players thought that the joy increased noticeably in the team concerning the 
exercises from Equally Different that their trainers used. 

50% of the coaches stated that the community in the team improved thanks to the practicals  the exercises with Lika Olika that their trainers used. 

100% of the coaches stated that they learned important psychological skills and had fun in the training sessions with their Equally Different head coach in the club.  

If you want to know more about Equally Different's work for your team or club, email  mary@likaolikametoden.se
More information about Mary Juusela:  www.maryjuusela.se 
More details about Lika Olika: www.likaolikam