Flygfyren Sommarcupis an annual tournament organized by BKV Norrtälje. Together with our partners we guarantee you a really well-organized and fun tournament. Welcome! 

Date: 2-4 August 2024

City: Norrtälje

Age group 10-12 year: 7 vs 7, playing time 2 x 20 min.  
Age group 13-14 year: 9 vs 9, playing time 2 x 25 min.  
Age group 15-16 year: 11 vs 11, playing time 2 x 25 min. 

All games are played at Norrtälje Sportcentrum or at any other pitches nearby. We are offering both naturalg grass and artificial grass. All teams are playing at least 5 games.  

In age group 10-12 years there is no A-final. All teams in these age groups are playing play-off-games without any final. All teams in 10-12 years are receiving medals. 

You will find more details about Flygfyren Sommarcup on the website. 

If you do have any further question, please dont Ohesitatet to contact us: 
email:  cup@bkvnorrtalje.n u 

mobile: +46 70 217 10 11 Welcome to the  Flygfyren Sommarcup!